Study Rooms

The 2 small study rooms are provided to the public for private, quiet study and for meetings by small groups.

A maximum of eight people may use a study room at a given time.

Individuals or groups may reserve the room one day ahead of time or on the day of desired use.

An individual or group is allowed one reservation in a day.

A reserved room may be given away 15 minutes after the reservation time if the reserver has not arrived.

Walk-ins are welcome if the room is free, but must first check at the Reference Desk for room availability.

Staff reserves the right not to honor requests for a particular room.


Conditions of Use:

An individual or group is allowed to reserve up to two hours of use at a time.

Extra time may be granted by Reference Staff but the party will be asked to leave if another party wants to use the room after the first groups’ two hours have elapsed.

Walk-ins must check-in at the Reference Desk before using the room. They will be allotted two hours, if there is availability.

No food is allowed in the study rooms.


Reservation Process:

A weekly schedule is maintained by the Reference Staff at the Reference Desk. Persons wishing to reserve the room must consult with Reference Staff.

Staff interested in using the small meeting room must sign-up on the weekly schedule.

Staff may sign up one week in advance of program / or can reserve space on a monthly basis for programs, i.e. Library Sponsored Book Clubs.


Call 248-546-2504 xt693 to reserve a room.