Strategic Plan for FY 13-17

Ferndale Public Library FY 13-17 Strategic Plan

The Ferndale Public Library developed a strategic plan for the next five years, following a community survey, a series of community meetings that included library staff, city, school and civic leaders, and extensive follow-up with staff. The library director will be charged with developing strategies that will fulfill this plan’s goals and objectives. The library director will also include strategic plan progress in the monthly director’s report to the board.

The library board will orient its meetings around the strategic plan’s goals and objectives. The board will regularly measure its progress in implementing it, and update the plan annually.

The foundation of this plan lies on staff development, best practices and benchmarks for our library, and a staff evaluation process that examines results against targets in alignment with the library’s strategic plan goals and objectives. In maintaining our focus on, and alignment with, this strategic plan, Ferndale Public Library will fulfill its mission and be on a clear path to realizing our vision for the library. The library has developed a strategy map to show the relationships between the goals, objectives and strategies that will be used to implement our strategic plan.

Mission: The Ferndale Public Library strengthens the community by providing access to materials and services that inform, enrich, entertain and empower.

Vision: The Ferndale Public Library will be a leading mid-size library in Michigan and will be widely considered a cultural and civic anchor for our community.

Values: Our values represent who we are and how we pledge to pursue our mission.

  • Freedom: We will consistently support intellectual freedom, including the freedom to choose what to read, view, listen to, learn and engage with.
  • Learning: We will support the central role of libraries in lifelong education, enrichment and improvement.
  • Culture: We will support our role in bringing arts in all forms to our community.
  • Dignity: We will consistently demonstrate respect for the dignity of our patrons, donors, taxpayers, staff, volunteers and community.
  • Cooperation: We will collaborate with partners such as the Friends of the Ferndale Library, the City of Ferndale, Ferndale Public Schools, community organizations, neighboring libraries and anyone else where it fulfills our mission.
  • Diversity: We will value the diversity of our community and will engage it to fulfill our mission.
  • Integrity: We will act with ethical integrity in all that we do.
  • Accountability: We will use taxpayer and donated funds with discipline and care, to support the purposes for which the funds were given.

Improve Library Services, Material and Access

1.1. Optimize hours to best serve the community, so that total hours served increases by FY 15

1.2. Add to collection according to patron demand, as measured by collection growth and improvement against benchmarks established in year 1

1.3. Improve outcomes from programming (attendance, evaluations, breadth) as measured by attendance, program numbers, mission fulfillment and evaluations

  1. Improve Staff Satisfaction and Engagement

2.1. Increase staff engagement by having staff that are committed, empowered and aligned, as measured by survey (measure baseline in year 1 and set improvement goals for year 2)

2.2. Ensure adequate staff resources through the budget and process improvements (capacity, compensation, talent development) by maintaining or increasing budget for these items

2.3. Align board/director/staff priorities with strategic plan at every level, as measured by evaluations for all levels

  1. Build Collaboration with City and Schools

3.1. Collaborate with schools, as measured by joint activities and formal agreements

3.2. Improve collaboration with city, as measured by joint activities and shared resources

  1. Increase Communication Frequency and Effectiveness

4.1. Promote the library relentlessly across multiple media channels, increasing reach and response, as measured by media and social network mentions and program attendance

4.2. Communicate better to all target audiences, as measured by community awareness surveys and other benchmarks

4.3. Improve website functionality, design, and content, as measured against benchmarks and independent evaluators

4.4. Get regular feedback from patrons and residents, as measured by staff reports of feedback quantity and actions taken in response to feedback

  1. Strengthen Financial Resources

5.1. Increase revenue from grants and fundraising, reaching $30,000 by FY 15 and $50,000 by FY 17

5.2. Develop relationships with cities and other libraries to open new revenue opportunities, achieved reduced expenses or new revenue of $40,000 by FY 17